Accreditation Eligibility

  • A member of Green Apple in good standing
  • Must be licensed by the State Licensing Authority, Local licensing agency, or License-exempt Approved
  • Must comply with all local, state, and federal laws
  • Must complete GAACS Self Study Guide within timeline
  • Adhere to the Step by Step Process

Accreditation Award

Once awarded, accreditation is valid for up to three (3) years when once again, the child care  provider must reapply for accreditation. Accredited providers must submit an  annual report every year with exception to the year of initial/renewal  accreditation. That means, the child care provider will submit an annual  report the second year of accreditation. 

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Gold Seal Quality Care (Birth to Five AND School Age).
    Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) Program.
  • Higher reimbursement rates for subsidized care including School Readiness.
  • Tax exemptions through the Department of Revenue or county tax appraiser.
  • Higher reimbursement rates from the Child Care Assistance Program.
  • Higher reimbursement rates through the Stars Rating Program.

Early Education Center Forms

Membership Application

Accreditation Application

Fee Schedule


License Exemption

License Exempton Eligibility

The provisions of ss. 402.301-402.319, except for the requirements  regarding screening of child care personnel, shall not apply to a child  care facility which is an integral part of church or parochial schools  conducting regularly scheduled classes, courses of study, or educational  programs accredited by, or by a member of, an organization which  publishes and requires compliance with its standards for health, safety,  and sanitation. However, such facilities shall meet minimum  requirements of the applicable local governing body as to health,  sanitation, and safety and shall meet the screening requirements  pursuant to ss. 402.305 and 402.3055. Failure by a facility to comply  with such screening requirements shall result in the loss of the  facility's exemption from licensure.  

Health and Safety Check

New Health and Safety Check Policy:
If  the provider intends to or is currently participating in school  readiness then it is NOT required to have a Health and Safety Check by  Green Apple validators to receive license exempt approval. Instead the  provider shall submit a copy of the most recent inspection/checklist  from the department or local licensing agency within thirty days from  the date of application.   
If the provider does not intend to or  is not currently participating in school readiness then it shall submit a  Request for Health and Safety Check by Green Apple validators prior to  license exempt approval.   
Failure  to submit the required inspection report from the local licensing  agency or department within thirty days from the date of application may  prompt an onsite health and safety check by Green Apple validators. Green  Apple reserves the right to conduct unannounced inspections of the  exempt child care program to ensure compliance with its health and  safety standards. The  exempt child care provider must display a copy of the health and safety  standards and exempt approval certificate in a conspicious place on the  school campus. 

License Exempt Forms

Membership Application

License Exempt Application

    Health and Safety Standards Manual               

Fee Schedule

Child Safety Alarm Requirement

Transportation Affidavit