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Accreditation  is the voluntary, ongoing process of self-evaluation and improvement. Accreditation requires a commitment to accountability, compliance,  self-evaluation, and peer review.  

History and Beliefs


Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services, formerly Green Apple Association of Christian Schools, history and beliefs.

Programs and Services


Membership, Accreditation, Exemption, Certification, and Partnerships. 

Green Apple Accreditation

Who We Are

Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services (GAACS), established in 2004, is a national, independent accrediting agency. Green Apple  is a premier provider of accreditation for Child Care Centers/Early  Learning Programs, After School Programs, Charter Schools, Private  Schools, Substance Abuse Programs, and Residential Treatment Centers. Green Apple accredits programs in the United States, the Caribbean Islands, and around the world.


We  provide quality assurance, certification, training, and accreditation  for schools and behavioral programs to enhance the quality of services  and outcomes for children. 

Green Apple Goals

Goal #1:  Increase the quality of child care and early learning programs.
Goal #2:  Improve behavioral health services for children, youth, and adults.
Goal #3:   Establish a quality rating system for nonpublic schools based on proven  best practices that rewards high quality nonpublic schools and school  systems.
Goal #4:  Help parents exercise their rights and responsibility for their children education.
Goal #5:  Provide advocacy, support, and resources for member organizations, parents, and public policy makers. 

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