Enrichment Program Accreditation

Types of Programs

Enrichment Program is accreditation for:                                                        
a.) After School (standalone after school),
b.) Before and After School Programs,
c.) Tutoring Programs, and

d.)  Camp Programs (offered during school closure (winter/summer).

Accreditation Award

Enrichment Program accreditation is valid for five (5) years. Within  six months of the current accreditation expiration date, enrichment  programs must reapply for accreditation to ensure there is no lapse in accreditation. 

Although the time frame for the accreditation process varies from one program to the next, generally an experienced enrichment  program may be accredited within six to eight months. 

Some Benefits of Accreditation

a. Gold Seal Quality Care Program for School Age Programs.
b. Higher reimbursement rate for subsidized care programs including School Readiness.
c. Tax exemptions through the Department of Revenue. 

Enrichment Program Forms

                                                                                                              Membership Application

Accreditation Application

Fee Schedule