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Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Membership Categories

A) Individual Member-any industry professional who owns or works for a member organization.
B) Organization Membership-is open to any educational or behavioral health organization.
C) Associate Membership-is open to policymaker, industry specific organization, professional, or parent advocacy group.
D)  Affiliate Membership-is open to any corporation that is concerned with  providing services and resources to member organizations.

Each member category must:

a. Not openly oppose GAACS beliefs and statement of faith;
b. Adhere to a nondiscrimination policy;
c. Pay an annual fee or lifetime membership; and
d. Is a pre-requisite to application for accreditation or participation in GAACS services.

Member Benefits -


1) Discounts on products 

2) Professional Development 

3) Consulting 

4) E-Newsletter 

5) Annual Conference  

6) Member's Only Web Access 

7) Athletic League 

8) Quality Review


Membership Categories

Membership Categories

GAACS certification program is designed to evaluate and recognize the individual's  qualifications based on educational background. It must not be  considered a license to teach in a Christian school.

GAACS provides two classifications of Educator Certification:

1. Teacher (Elementary and Secondary)
2. Administrator

Elementary Teacher certification-

Temporary certification:  

A Temporary Certificate is issued to teachers who have earned a  Bachelor's Degree but do not meet all the requirements for a Standard  Certificate. It is valid for two years and may be renewed once.

Standard certification:  

A Standard Certificate is issued to teachers who have earned a  Bachelor's Degree and meet all the requirements of a Standard  Certificate. It is valid for five years and may be renewed upon  completion of three semester hours towards Elementary Education.

Professional certification:  

A Professional Certificate is issued to teachers who have earned a  Master's Degree or higher and meet all the requirements of a  Professional Certificate. It is valid for seven years and may be renewed  upon completion of three semester hours towards Elementary Education.


Membership Categories


GAACS partners are organizations that provide services to GAACS member schools or behavioral health organizations. Each organization desiring to become a GAACS partner must complete an application, sign a contract, and pay an annual fee.

Partnering with GAACS means:
a. Agreement to provide services to GAACS member organizations (schools/healthcare facilities) at a rate discounted above your normal rate.
b. Commitment to provide high quality services to GAACS member organizations and operate in honest business dealings.
c. Consent to listing your organization name, logo, and contact information on GAACS website(s) including: National website, Social media sites, and other Related websites (if applicable).
d. Consent to referrals from GAACS when member organizations inquire.
e. Discounts on advertising and vendor opportunities.

If your organization is interested in becoming a GAACS partner then contact us at: to receive an application.




a. Child Care Centers serving children from birth to age five
b. Afterschool Programs which include both before and after care programs and stand alone after school programs
c. Private Schools and Charter Schools serving children in grades kindergarten through twelve
d. Residential Treatment Centers and Substance Abuse Programs serving children and adolescents

To apply for accreditation, click here.
To learn more about a specific program type, click here.





Question #1-What is GAACS?

GAACS  is an independent accrediting agency which accredits Schools and  Behavioral Health Programs throughout the United States and its  territories.

Question #2-What does GAACS do exactly?

GAACS  provides accreditation services including onsite evaluations,  professional development, conferences, workshops, and certification for  member organizations.

Question #3-Are nonsectarian organization eligible to apply for GAACS accreditation?

Yes. GAACS has accredited nonsectarian organizations since 2004. See Find an Accredited Organization.

Question #4-What types of organizations and industries does GAACS accredit?

GAACS predominately accredits organizations in two industries: Education and Behavioral Health.

GAACS  accredits Educational organizations including Preschools, Nonpublic  Schools, Afterschool Programs, Colleges, and Seminiaries.

GAACS  accredits Behavioral Health Organizations including but not limited to:  Residential Treatment Facilities, and Residential Treatment Facilities  for Children and Adolescents, and more.